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Hi, I’m Agathe Pin.

I help you grow your confidence, your clarity and your management skills so that you become the next version of yourself, the leader that your company needs now.

Founders or CEOs of Fast Growing Small Companies :

Your company is scaling, and you know that the next level of success can’t be reached without a more conscious and visionary leadership and a stronger team. You struggle to organize and manage your people. You are feeling challenged, you may feel overwhelmed and stressed out.

I help you become the kind of Leader that easily develops their people to Sustainable Success.

New Managers and Leaders on the Rise :

You were just given new responsibilities and you need to find the confidence and leadership skills to excel in this new role. Or, you would like to step up as a leader and contribute more to the progress of your organization. And yet you may feel alone, unequipped, hesitant, or even illegitimate. And, you want to preserve your work-life balance.

I help you get cut through doubts, excel in our new role and/or get that promotion or influence you want, while maintaining your sanity.


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During this free, 40-minute phone conversation, you will:

– Create a sense of clarity about the next level of success that you aspire to for yourself, your team and your company
– Discover the essential building blocks of getting to this next stage of your sustainable success
– Determine the #1 thing stopping you from moving forward toward your goals
– Learn of ways I can support you in this, if relevant

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Agathe Pin

“Agathe is a great coach! I worked with Agathe to introduce the StrengthsFinder method in our company. She organized group sessions to discuss the signatures of our employees and explain how to use it. In addition, she helped my business partner and I to formalize the company culture and the way we infuse it in our every day work. Her ability to listen and understand makes her a great coach. But what makes her unique, is the fact that she brings humour and laugh to the discussion. This way, sensitive discussions and subjects are a lot easier to tackle. I would recommend Agathe to anybody (companies and individuals) who want to accelerate its development..”

Sébastien Payen
Founder and CEO Fruition Sciences, Inc.