About Me


Why I do this work is pretty simple:

I believe and notice daily that more ease translates into more impact.

And I see plenty of people holding back from the impact they could have.

I want to help you create more ease in your roles at work and in life, and with yourself, so that you can boost your capacity, impact, and influence  and have a career that truly reflects your capabilities and ambitions.

By learning how to own who you are and lead with who you are, and adding a few more tools to your toolbox, you’ll step into authentic leadership and greater performance.

In our work together, my intention is that you create enough confidence that you can rise up to your ambitions, excel in your role and lead successfully, all while keeping your life balance in check.

If you are a high potential professional aware of some internal and external blocks to the full unfolding of your power, or a scaling CEO willing to bring your company to the next level and wondering how to stay true to your founder’s spirit while navigating growth, I would like to learn more about your needs and see if our work can meet them.

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A few words about me:

I was born and raised in Paris, France. I graduated from the extremely french and pluridisciplinary Ecole Normale Supérieure (Lyon, France- Humanities and Social sciences), became a teacher, moved over quickly to leadership and management positions in two well known universities in Paris area, was on a great career trajectory… and then everything changed, of course:-)

We moved as a family to California in 2009. After a few weeks of complaining (what? leaving my promising career, my nanny, becoming one of these expats women who follows her husband ??? noooo… ), I realized that this move could be the opportunity to slow down and to really think: what do I want to do next?

Little by little I was gained by a huge curiosity for the field of personal development. I realized that trying to better know and like oneself is not equivalent to navelgazing, as we tend to label it in French – or so I thought-, but way more about giving oneself the means to have a greater success and a more meaningful impact during our life.

I quickly experienced the link between personal development, self-appreciation, leadership and boldness.

One of the real game changers for me at the time was my work with the StrengthsFinder® assessment. It helped me shift my focus from what I lack to what I do have, and forced me to envision my own leadership in a very personal and strengths-based way. StrengthsFinder became my entry point to the coaching field. My top 5 natural talents are: Empathy – Input – Intellection- Learner – Connectedness

A few trainings and certifications later, I am now fully engaged in a new chapter of my professional story. My work with individuals and teams happens at the crossroads of personal development and professional growth.

And some days, I need to pinch myself to believe that I am doing this incredibly interesting and rewarding job. I am grateful to my clients who are also my teachers.


Training and Credentials:

  • StrengthsFinder® Facilitation training, August 2012
  • Positive Psychology course, UC Berkeley, Winter 2012
  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course, Fall 2013
  • Coaches Training Institute, training and certification (CPCC), 2014-2015. CTI is ICF accredited (PCC).

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– Discover the essential building blocks of getting to this next stage of your life
– Determine the #1 thing stopping you from moving forward toward your goals
– Learn of ways I can support you in this, if relevant

Recent or current clients:

Capital Impact Partners (Oakland, CA, USA)

Fruition Sciences (Oakland, CA, USA and Montpellier, France)

Salesforce.com (San Francisco, USA)

French-american chamber of commerce (San Francisco, USA)

SNCF (Paris, France)

Crédit Agricole –  Potenti’Elles network (Paris, France)

McKesson- Own-It network (San Francisco, USA)

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