I offer one-on-one, in-depth coaching programs, as well as group and individual StrengthsFinder® workshops, to help you cultivate the confidence, strength, boldness, and visibility it takes to be a great leader in your business or get the promotion you desire.


  • Find more ease and confidence in your work so you have more capacity, impact and influence
  • Appreciate your natural talents and turn them into strengths,
  • Identify habits that work, and let go of habits that don’t
  • Move through your fears so you can create a bigger vision for yourself and your work
  • Ask for what you want,
  • Learn new leadership and management skills that are authentic to your personality and strengths
  • And, enjoy the rest of your life while progressing in your career

One-on-one coaching for New Managers and Leaders on the Rise


I work with people tired of the self-confidence yoyo to help them take bold action to fully express their professional power. Our work will provide you with deep self-knowledge, renewed optimism, refreshed self-belief and new professional skills and growth opportunities. You will feel bold, equipped, energized, confident and strong.




Specifically, I will help you to

-Remember your brilliance and resources; know your strengths; deal effectively with self sabotage

-Formulate and expand your vision; grow your natural leadership from your natural talents and your values; refine your management skills

-Keep self-care part of your journey, manage your stress and think positively.

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Coaching for Founders or CEOs of Fast Growing Small Companies 

I work with CEOs eager to embrace the next chapter of their entrepreneurial story from a place of authenticity and genuine interest for their team. Our work together provides you with a clearer vision of who you are as a leader and where you are heading as a company, and a better understanding and management of self and others. 


Specifically I will help you to:

– Define your company’s big vision and its core values, so that you can attract the right people to you

– Grow your natural leadership and refine your management skills

– Map your team talents, learn to cater to your people’s talents and strengths so that they give you their best

– Think in partnership and outside the box

– Stay balanced. There is a life beyond work, no?

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StrengthsFinder® Individual Coaching and Group Workshops

Throughout my work, along with other powerful tools, I use the strengths-based approach to help you see how to best value and leverage your natural talents and turn them into strengths. I use the StrengthsFinder® assessment for this.

I offer the following exclusively strengths-based programs.

Individuals: Shine on with strengths! This is a one-month intensive individual dive into your talents and your potential

Teams: A half-day Strengthsfinder® work session with your team to help them gain strengths confidence and savvyness, a common language and refreshed cohesion and motivation. I bring this perspective and tool to strategic offsites, team retreats, and onboarding events.

Groups: “Signature StrengthsFinder®: Discover Your Natural Leadership”. This is a short introductory workshop, perfect for Lunch n’ Learn format, that will help you grow your awareness of your talents, and start brainstorm ways to develop them and use them strategically at work and in your life in general.

I can also bring my signature talk, “Strengths-based Leadership: Name, Claim and Aim your Natural Talents to Shine!” to your workplace. This talk will inspire and energize your group and give them the opportunity to start working now on what their own version of strengths-based development at work is.

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textmapWhat is StrengthsFinder?® 

For 15+ years, Gallup’s StrengthsFinder® has been widely used in the corporate world in the USA to uncover and leverage talents in individuals and teams, via strengths-based development. The StrengthsFinder® is a famous 30-minute online assessment that hones in on our natural talents: our top five Signature talents are the areas where we have the biggest potential for very high performance and deep satisfaction. This Signature is unique to 1 in 280,000 people. The strengths-based approach to development and growth is an invitation to shift our focus from our weaknesses to our strengths, and results in increased performance and engagement. It’s worth a try, at individual level, but also at team and organizational level: when asked if they have the opportunity to do what they do best daily at work, only 20% of employees say Yes (Gallup, 2007). Don’t be in the 80%!

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