Founders or CEOs of fast growing Small Companies

“Agathe is a great coach! I worked with Agathe to introduce the StrengthsFinder method in our company. She organized group sessions to discuss the signatures of our employees and explain how to use it. In addition, she helped my business partner and I to formalize the company culture and the way we infuse it in our every day work. Her ability to listen and understand makes her a great coach. But what makes her unique, is the fact that she brings humour and laugh to the discussion. This way, sensitive discussions and subjects are a lot easier to tackle. I would recommend Agathe to anybody (companies and individuals) who want to accelerate its development.”

Sébastien Payen

Founder and CEO, Fruition Sciences, Inc.

New Managers and Leaders on the Rise

When I first heard about coaching I was very doubtful thinking that I didn’t need that kind of help as technical knowledge was the only way for me to progress my career. But as I felt stuck in my progression I decided to give it a try and started a 6 month session with Agathe. We had very free flowing and open conversations. We soon identified areas I could work on specifically around building my self confidence. She helped me identify my strength and find strength I didn’t think I had. She had a wide range of practical exercises to help work on improving specific areas we had identified during our conversations. She makes you feel at ease and excels at transmitting her positive energy. I highly recommend coaching session with Agathe to help you reach the next level in your career.


Director, Large tech company, Silicon Valley

Agathe is a fantastic coach. When you’re looking for a career coach, life coach, etc you need to find someone that you can trust as well you would a psychiatrist, and Agathe is incredibly trustworthy. You can talk to her about anything and feel confident she’s listening to help you.
Her coaching has been instrumental in how I think about myself, my career, my personal life and relationships, and where I’m going with each of these. There have been some awesome revelations, and also new goals set and met.
On a personal note, I greatly enjoy my conversations and look forward to the sessions. If you’re looking for a coach, reach out to Agathe, I’m glad I did!!

Daniel Sisson

Marketing and Business Development Director, Mansa Systems

StrengthsFinder® work for Individuals, Teams and Groups

Agathe is an amazing coach! I hired her to conduct a StrenghFinder Signature Exploration workshop for my group (9 origination loan officers working for a non profit financial institution), and she did a great job reaching out each and providing me (team manager) valuable insight on the team. I highly recommend her if you are building a team!

Virginie Arnaud

Director of Loan Origination, Capital Impact Partners

Already a fan of strengths-based coaching, I was excited to work with Agathe to uncover more treasures using StrengthsFinder.  Her inquiries helped me realize that peace and achievement are not mutually exclusive:  I don’t have to give up my Achiever strength in order to find more peace; I can simply redefine what it means to “achieve.”  Cool!

Marcilie Smith-Boyle

Coach, Life, Business and Parenting

“Agathe entraîne les participantes sur un chemin qu’elles n’auraient jamais emprunté. Elle donne des clefs afin de faire aboutir leur réflexion sur elles ou leur projet. Elle incite à faire le pas supplémentaire qui amène à faire un peu plus, un peu mieux, en accord avec son être profond. A chaque instant, elle prend les questions pour ne laisser aucune participante sur le bord du chemin. Agathe a la faculté d’intégrer en temps réel à son discours les observations de l’extérieur.”

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